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Video is the most powerful inbound marketing tool

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Promotional and brand films use impact, created by the right music and visual assets for the purpose of the message, to leave a lasting impression. The creative team at Collective London provided ZOOMFILMS with a clear brief and script to turn this production around in just 4 business days, we sourced the assets and delivered the film on time for display ath the World Travel Market 2018.



Property developers can benefit from a combination of aerial and ground based filming to promote their properties and highlight the finishes and attention to detail. Buyers and investors have an interest, not only in the property itself, but in the surroundings and amenities such as schools, recreational areas and retail stores. Give them the full picture. 

Aerial video and photography

Aerial video offers viewers a unique and eye-catching perspective on your company, facilities or site that cannot be achieved from a ground based camera unit. ZOOMFILMS  video production company offers licensed and fully insured aerial video and photography services. Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent we are well positioned to service the Southeastern region of England and travel further afield when required.


We understand the importance of your C.I. as the cornerstone of your brand, with decades of corporate video and Television advertising experience, we produce professionally finished video, infographics and animations that build customer confidence in your company. Brand consistency is the key to winning the trust of your customers and staff.

ZOOMFILMS will produce engaging video content that upholds your brand ethics and promotes your USP, effective video to convert visits and views into sales. The term ‘As Seen on TV’ still rings true today and brand relevant video is the key to effective promotion.

With our culture of relaxed professionalism, we will work with you and your team to ensure the best outcome and a lasting impression for your company and brand.


ZOOMFILMS understands that budgets are tight and professional video is not always the answer for your day-to-day needs, we know that there is a place for owner-generated content and offer short courses and consultation that will equip your staff to produce quality content that keep costs down without compromising your professional image.

With hands-on and on-the-job training your staff can capture brand relevant spontaneous events that can be shared on your Social Media platforms or Blog Feed to enhance your inbound marketing.

Every image and video clip that is placed in the public domain has the potential to build or harm your brand, with the best training you can post with confidence, knowing that your content carries no such risk.

Internet Marketing & S.E.O.

Video is a powerful marketing tool and boosts S.E.O., but it is one component of your overall marketing strategy, it must align with your brand and USP. Knowing your target market well is the key to creating effective video that engages with their needs and desires. ZOOMFILMS is acutely aware that Brand consistency and a seamless customer journey throughout your visual communications builds consumer confidence in your products and services.

Applied correctly S.E.O. offers game-changing results from all of your content, especially from video. ZOOMFILMS offers up-to-date S.E.O. implementation, branded YouTube channel design and management as well as on-going analytics interpretation and reports that help you to fine-tune and manage your marketing strategy and campaigns.

We also work closely with your marketing team to align all materials produced to your strategy to help you derive the maximum return on your video communications spend.

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