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Video is the most powerful inbound marketing tool today.

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Aerial video offers viewers a unique and eye-catching perspective on your company, facilities or site that cannot be achieved from a ground based camera unit. ZOOMFILMS offers licensed and fully insured aerial video, based in Kent we service the Southeastern region of England and travel further afield when required.

Clients and customers looking to select a Business Coach, IFA, Style Coach and many other similar professionals choose the right one based on their presentation, image and personality. They need to feel comfortable with the professional before they are prepared to opening up or rely on them for their opinion and advice. They therefore need to meet the person behind the brand beforehand, but their time is too valuable to waste so an introductory video is the best starting point. ZOOMFILMS produces Introduction videos for business professionals that help to bring out their personality, show their style and build report.

Explainer and training videos offer customers and viewers a clear, step-by-step look at complex and often confusing tasks needed when approaching a product of online process. Video is the perfect tool to connect with your customer and enhance the their journey with your product or service.

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