Communicate through film

ZOOMFILMS produces effective video for business.

Whether it’s a corporate video, a brand or promotional film, an explainer or testimonial video or aerial video and photographic services you’re looking for, we have it all covered. Our teams are all experts in their fields, we adhere to the BBC best practice processes and hold the required CAA certification for drone filming and photography.

Meet the team

ZOOMFILMS is an impassioned video production company, but most importantly we’re focussed on promoting your brand.

With decades of Television Advertising and corporate video production  experience we have a clear understanding of  the relationship between  brand consistency and consumer trust.

Working with you our team of experts will deliver engaging, high-end  video, infographics and animations that are relevant to your target audience, build viewer confidence and convert views into sales.

Internet Marketing

Video is arguably the most persuasive component of your overall marketing strategy today.

Knowing your target market well is the key to creating effective video that engages with them. Our video productions create a seamless customer journey throughout your visual communications which builds consumer confidence in your products and services.

We work closely with your management , communications or marketing team to align your videos to your marketing strategy to help you derive the maximum return for your budget.

Clients include:
Professional, Compliant and Safe

ZOOMFILMS is a proud member of ARPAS-UK

ZOOMFILMS have the required Permit for Commercial Operation issued by the CAA

We are fully insured for aerial video and ground based video production services for your peace of mind