Creating a professional explainer video involves a lot more than simply recording as you navigate through the task you are explaining, and posting that on YouTube.

Too often we see an amateur working their way through a task, doing their best to explain the process to the viewer, and while they should be credited for their initiative, their amateur approach doesn’t do anything for the brand or company in question.

As a business owner you need to be proactive – before your brand falls victim to a well-intentioned amateur videographer, you need to identify the areas of difficulty your customers are experiencing, before they do.

Taking the initiative to identify these potential difficulties in your online processes and producing a professional explainer video shows a genuine interest in your customer’s purchase journey and user experience. It will elevate your brand, making customers more likely to repeat the process, or better still – to recommend your product or services to others – exactly what you want.

Directline Flights take around 600 bookings per day, they noticed that their customer service personnel were spending hours each day assisting their customers navigate the complicated and often confusing processes on Ryanair’s online check-in facilities. This prompted them to contact ZOOMFILMS in Kent ¬†for an explainer video, and the result is a professional, branded video which offers a clear and easy-to-follow explanation of the online booking process. By producing an explainer video they are helping their customers while freeing up their consultants to concentrate on their core business.

Good explainers videos will improve your customer’s experience with your organisation, build your brand, save time and increase your effectiveness.

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