2 women die each week in the UK at the hand of their partner or a previous partner. Domestic violence isn’t an issue for women alone, men and children are victims too. Many victims remain are unaware of the organisations that exist to help them, such as Restored and Woman’s aid. They are often ashamed and don’t know how to break the cycle, or who to trust.
ZOOMFILMS video production Kent feel strongly about this issue and have teamed up with Susie Flashman Jarvis to highlight the suffering of thousands of victims and give RESTORED Relationships exposure through the power of video ZOOMFILMS has partnered with Susie Flashman Jarvis to help spread the word through the video below and make a difference to victims of domestic violence. You can support us by sharing this video in the hope that it will open a door for those who are aware that someone near to them is a victim, or to victims themselves.

Video is a powerful medium, not only as a marketing and promotional tool, but as a personal communication to enable organisations to touching the lives of people with a

message that is both sensitive and empathetic. Video can easily be shared online and via social media channels. Using video productions such as this one, we are able to place Susie, an ambassador for Restored who has the empathy and decades of experience in counselling many victims in the past, directly in front of them to deliver a focussed message – a message of hope.

This point of contact could be the catalyst needed to give victims the courage and fortitude to extract themselves from a potentially life threatening environment.

Although ZOOMFILMS is a corporate video production company that specialises in corporate and promotional film, we have decades of experience in broadcast production across most genres and we apply this knowledge to all of our production work.

We share the belief that the more people know about this social scourge, the less opportunity the perpetrators will find to continue victimising women and children.