UAV’s or Drones have introduced a new dynamic for video production. Making use of aerial video for corporate video production adds great value to your brand.

Using a professional, insured and CAA licensed drone filming service is imperative as regulation in this industry is becoming more stringent.

“Drones are causing increasing concern among other air-space users and civilians”, and with good reason. This blog will outline some of the regulations and dangers involved in operating a drone for your aerial filming or aerial photography..

Here are some very basic rules that commercial drone operators must abide by:

  1. Provide CAA regulated flight assessment prior to operations.
  2. Provide CAA regulated site assessment prior to operations.
  3. Retain 50M separation between the aircraft and people and buildings out of their direct control at all times.
  4.  Maintain Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) with the drone at all times.
  5. Flights MAY NOT EXCEED 400ft (120M) elevation or 500m distance (in any direction) from the operation site.
  6. Professional pilots are trained in air space use to ensure a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that govern air traffic. They have a good understanding of other aerial activities & traffic on any given day.
  7. Professional drone pilots are trained in the operation of their aircraft and plan for all and any eventually, assessing and mitigating risks before and as they happen.

Using a non-professional operator may be cheaper or more convenient, but the risk is simply not worth it. UAV’s (drones) can encounter a number of fatal occurences when in operation, most importantly they can cause damage and severe injury if there is an incident with civilians , motor vehicles or other aircraft. The risk to lives, property and reputation simply aren’t worth the risk.

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Corporate video production

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Aerial operations for corporate video production

ZOOMFILMS UAS Pilot in action

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By 31 Oct 2017, there had already been 62 recorded incidents of drones flying too close to planes in the UK alone (Which? Magazine, September 2017). And the recent incident at Gatwick Airport give us some idea of the degree of disruption illegally operated drones can cause as well as the risks they pose to other air users.

Be safe, protect your company and your brand by using a professional provider of drone service for your aerial video or photography.

There are a growing number of operators that specialise in different fields of operation. As a video production company we offer drone services to companies for creative filming and low level surveillance work.  ZOOMFILMS is based in Kent and provides professional, insured aerial video and photography services for all budgets to the South East and London markets.

If you need professional aerial filming or drone photography, contact us here.

ZOOMFLMS holds the required permissions for commercial operation issued by the CAA and is fully insured for your peace of mind.

If you want to become a professional UAV (drone) pilot, we recommend UAVAIR, please contact them for more details on the courses they provide.