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Professional video production options
Video production prices can vary greatly from project to project and the length of the video isn't an acurate measure of cost. The prices below should give you some indication to what you can expect to pay for your production:


The ESSENCIAL VIDEO package is best suited for: : Introduction video; Testimonials; Interview style with visual overlays.

The Company Film is an interview based video that contains detailed visual overlay of the product, process or services you offer. It will include a single use licence for library music. We add marketing value by posting it to our YouTube channel with SEO tags and keyphrases

*Subject to CAA approval and other legal requirements. Rates are negotiable where project requirements differ from pre-set menus.
Effective video production and video-specific SEO training for your staff, maximise the potential of video for your brand. Our expert training will get your staff producing great content and elevating your online profile. Contact us here to find out more.

Rates are negotiable where project requirements differ from pre-set menus

Training testimonials

Creative Programme Manager at Eastside: Ezio delivered 1 half day workshop and then supported the students through their two core editing days.  As a facilitator/mentor his instructions were clear and he was patient with the students learning levels.  His passion and thorough knowledge of both the programmes and editing in general was evident at all times, and his personable demeanour meant that the students very quickly felt comfortable asking him for advice and questions when stuck.  I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.

Student: I really appreciated the time that Ezio gave me during me edit, he was really helpful with suggestions, tips and advice.